HDP Semi Traction SMF 12V 180Ah 1000 EN battery


HDP Semi Traction SMF 12V 180Ah 1000 EN battery

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HDP Semi-traction batteries are the choice of declaration for commercial vehicles with a lot of power, which place very high demands on the energy supply and are often used for vibrations. The specifications exceed those of the requirements for SHD (EN 4 standard and vibration resistance V3). Particularly safe thanks to labyrinth cover technology, integrated flame protection, terminal protection and safety valves. Minimal self-discharge thanks to the calcium silver technology grid alloy.

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Weight45,1 kg
Dimensions513 × 223 × 223 cm
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1519432, 1526996, 1963105, 2167682, 2167682G, 95AK00180021, 95STV96351N, 96351, HDP96351, IT0901B18010, STV96351N, VMF, VMG 96351



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