In Dutch GTO stands for “Groothandel Truck Onderdelen”, or Truck Parts Wholesale. This name says it al: We are a professional company with a unique range of parts and services to keep the transportation industry moving. We have been doing so since 1963.

Because we have a large warehouse in-house and different channels towards producers and distributors, we can supply nearly every part within 24 hours at very competitive prices. We only use high-quality original parts and alternative parts.

Every brand you can imagine

We supply parts for all brands of tractors and trailers. In our standard range we offer OEM spare parts for both light and heavy commercial vehicles of the brands MAN, DAF, Merceds-benz, Renault, Scania, Iveco, Fiat, Volvo and many other brands from A to Z.

All necessary tools and parts

For trailers we are specialists who can offer a total package. We mean really all the tools and parts necessary for the maintenance or remodeling of your trailers. Like axle and suspension parts, brakes, electrical parts, couplings, air parts, modules, tailgate parts, lighting and asseccoires. The brands SAF, BPW, JOST, SACHS, VALEO, SMALL ELBE, WABCO, KNORR, HELLA, TEXTAR, KRONE, SCHMITZ and many others we can supply from our own stock.

We make it like new again

Thanks to the our in-house overhaul department, paint shop and parts steam cabin no job is too much or too heavy. When you think it’s beyond repair, we cam make it like new again. Thanks to our fully equiped workshop and qualified personnel it is possible to repair all common parts of all trucks and trailers / semi-trailers.

All products from our workshop and our warehouse can be shipped to customers the same day making long downtimes a thing of the past.

Perfectly balanced

Our workshop has a modern balancing machine that drives drive shafts outside the truck, also all industrial shafts can be balanced. All common turning and milling operations can also be performed.

Export & International customers

We welcome international customers. 95% of our products is suitable for export all over the world. Our reputation is that we do what we promise, and that we always sell what we are telling you, that means quality. If you ask for a original part we supply the original  parts.

International customers please contact [email protected]


Part of the Loven Group

GTO is a part of the Loven Group. Loven, founded in 1920, is the oldest DAF dealer in the world. With a long history in the truck and parts industry, we know like no other what drives the industry.